We have made the following changes to our service:

Delays in receiving transactions
Dear users!

We are drawing your attention to the fact the the Bitcoin mempool is unusually congested ( For this reason, there may be high fees for transfers and delays in receiving transactions.

We remind you that starting from the 1st of February 2020 old addresses of Bitcoin wallets will stop working. Please use only current addresses of Bitcoin wallets.
Linking your Telegram account

Dear users!

If you linked your Telegram-account to Rahakott before, please do this again.

Maintenance from 4th to 5th of January

Dear users!

Maintenance will be carried out from the 4th to the 5th of January 2020. During this period:

  • withdrawal of Bitcoin will be suspended
  • present addresses of Bitcoin-wallets will be updated
  • old addresses of Bitcoin-wallets will work until the 1st of February 2020

Please plan your Bitcoin withdrawals in advance.

Warning about phishing attempts


We have discovered Rahakott phishing attempts. Our official addresses:

Any other addresses pose a risk of losing your funds! Be careful!

Capability to bind your Telegram account to Rahakott
Dear users!
We have added the capability to bind your Telegram account to Rahakott wallet. You will be able to receive notifications about new deals on the market. More flexible settings will be added later.
Abandonment of non-SegWit Bitcoin-addresses

Dear users!

Please pay attention that on the 12 of November 2019:

  • non-SegWit addresses (starting with "1") on Rahakott will be replaced with SegWit addresses (starting with "3")
  • support of withdrawals to non-SegWit addresses will be retained
  • accounts of inactive (from the 1 of February 2019) users with a zero balance of all the wallets will be deleted

You can renew your current wallet address yourself by clicking on "Renew address" (it is located near the address on the deposit page).


We are excited to announce that we have added a fully-functional mixer. Available features:

  • sending to multiple addresses
  • delay from 0 hours to 1 month
  • selecting arbitrary shares for sending funds among addresses
  • mixer fee 1-2.25% (affects the speed of transaction confirmations and your anonymity)
  • mixer feature is available for BTC, BCH, LTC, ZEC, DASH.

Dear user!

Please pay attention that the display of the maximum available mixing amount has changed. Before, the available mixing amount was limited by the balance of your current wallet, now all the amount that is available in the service for mixing is shown.